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sku: 94980.00, 94981.00, 94985.00, 94982.00
A perfect gift for Mom or GF and ready to ship. Our face planter is a perfect gift too for bridal shower gift, bridesmaid gift or birthday for your bestie.
Small: 2.75-inches wide and 3.5 inches tall.
Medium: 4-inches wide and 5.25 inches tall.
Large: 5.5-inches wide and 6.75 inches tall.

Rose Bouquet w/Gyp Pink (1 Dozen)

  • Availability: January - December
  • Vase Life: 4-8 days
  • Bunch Size: 12 stems
  • Color may differ slightly season to season.


MULTIPURPOSE: Use our floating candles for centerpieces at wedding receptions, or as floating candles for pool parties, and as water candles floating in your tub or spa for a romantic love candles experience. SIZE: 1.75 inch wide (diameter) x 1 inch height (45mm x 25mm) TIME: 4 hours. FITS: Floating candle vases, floating candle holders, and floating candle bowls.


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